In addition to providing end-to-end publishing, clients may also opt to contract Red Arrow for individual publishing services. 

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Our team of in-house and freelance writers and editors are professionals who have worked in the publishing industry with names such as William P. Young, author of The Shack; Mike Frank, a former VP of Disney and author of Prosperity with Purpose, and Danny Lee Silk, relationship expert and author of the top-selling Keep Your Love On!


What is a ghostwriter? Ghostwriters are professional writers that craft manuscripts in your “voice.” Perhaps you have a compelling story to tell or a powerful message to convey, but you lack the writing skills to execute it with excellence and artistry. Our ghostwriter will take the time to interview you and learn your voice, collect the major content pieces from your notes and transcripts, build an outline, and write your manuscript for you. 

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We provide varying levels of editing depending on the needs of your manuscript. Our editors will not only help your manuscript rise to a publishable level, but also give creative and strategic feedback. If you’ve completed a manuscript, the next step is showing it to one of our editors who will thoroughly review your work and present you with editing options. We will identify where additional content is needed to provide clarity, artistry, or support for your story or concepts. Our editors will work with you to refine and polish your book at each structural level, from chapter organization down to paragraph transitions, sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation. 

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Our team of national and international designers consists of professionals whose expertise lies in matching content with visual representation. Their book cover and interior pagination design will match and highlight the desired theme of your content.


Book Cover Design / The Hard Road

Book Cover Design / The Hard Road

Book Cover Design / Living the Lessons

Book Cover Design / Living the Lessons

Book Cover Design / Keep Your Love On!

Book Cover Design / Keep Your Love On!

Book Cover Design / Prosperity with Purpose

Book Cover Design / Prosperity with Purpose

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Due to our professional connections, we are able to offer highest quality offset printing, as well as digital printing, at comparative pricing structures. We will negotiate the lowest price possible on your first and consecutive print runs.

Red Arrow works with major national distributors and vendors that feed all popular and independent bookstore accounts including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Sam’s Club, and Wal-Mart. We are also continuously building relationships with international translators, publishing companies, and distributors, and we are currently represented in 17 countries.


Red Arrow Media’s marketing goal is mass promotion of our clients’ published works in order to 1) generate sales, 2) develop customer awareness and engagement, and 3) share our authors’ transformative messages with relevant outlets. Red Arrow offers three tiers of marketing packages with respective services therein to meet this goal for our clients. NOTE: Marketing packages are only available to Red Arrow Media authors or Arrow Self-Published authors. Click below for more information on how to publish with us.


On average, a traditionally published author makes a low percentage of net royalty on books sold. We ask our Red Arrow and Arrow authors to pay for our services up front. Why does that benefit our authors? They receive the largest percentage of book royalty sales post-production. Our fees after book release are minimal. Through book sales, our authors accumulate the money they initially invested in their project and much more.