About Olivia

Olivia LaField, master public school educator for over thirty-five years and avid proponent of the Whole Child Philosophy of education, believes that by meeting the social, emotional and moral needs of our students, we meet their intellectual needs to substantially greater degrees.

Her primary focus on the importance of building strong personal relationships with her students as well as her unique strategies for creating a mutually-respectful, self-directed classroom of independent learners have earned her several awards, including the 2006 Wells Fargo Legacy Teacher of the Year award, and the 2012 California League of Middle Schools Northstate Educator of the Year.

Ms. LaField’s extraordinarily high test scores testify to her unwavering commitment to inspire her students to strive for their full potential.



About Living the Lessons

Living the Lessons is a unique guidebook for veteran and novice teachers who are seeking fresh ideas to inspire children to risk, work hard, persevere, and succeed. A staunch advocate of the Whole Child philosophy, Olivia strives to not only meet the academic needs of her students, but also their social, emotional, and moral needs.

 Her book is a rare opportunity for pre-service and in-service teachers to “step into her classroom” and see how she builds character in her students while inspiring them to strive for their full potential. Her students share that they work hard and listen to their teacher’s lessons because they want to, not because they have to! Truly, she has developed a powerful combination of relationship and scholarship.