Mike Frank has over thirty years of senior-level executive experience at several companies, including Mutual of Omaha, PepsiCo and The Walt Disney Company. He was a cofounder of Level 3 Communications, which raised $14 billion and was deemed the “best funded start-up in history.” Twelve years ago, Mike stepped away from the corporate track and became involved in start up entrepreneurial ventures and non-profit organizations such as the Hope Center, IHOP, the Joseph Company and the Santa Barbara Rescue Mission. 

Most recently, Mike founded a coaching and executive development company— Frank Consulting, where he pushes high-level executives to the next stage of success. His vision is to serve the underserved and misplaced marketplace people within the Church. He is a dynamic speaker at events nationwide, an angel investor, and the creator of Entrepreneur Bootcamp in Redding, California. Mike and and his wife, Robbie, are both public speakers and emerging authors. They have three children, Amber, Dustin and Christian.  More recently, the family has started a new business aimed at helping start-ups, called The OnRamp.

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Read this commentary by author Mike Frank:

"Recently I [Mike] sat in a coaching meeting, and listened to an executive vice president state an all too familiar phrase. “To be honest, Mike,” he said, his impatience becoming evident, “all I want to know is how you became successful.” Despite his burgeoning career, a comfortable family life, and financial wealth, he was looking for a shortcut to what he referred to as “success.” You might think, What was he missing? His life sounds great! Some describe it as a gnawing, an empty feeling of the unknown that leaves you questioning, Is this all there is? After years of doing what he thought would bring him happiness, he had come to understand, “There’s more.” He just didn’t know how to get there. 

I understand his frustration well. I have lived a financially abundant life—yet for many years, I was drowning in superficiality. When unexpected tragedy occurred, I realized that what I was pursuing, and had sacrificed everything for, wouldn’t bring me the fulfillment I desired. What people often don’t understand is that to live in prosperity, meaning to be fulfilled in every area of life, we must first go on a personal journey. And sometimes, we have to sacrifice the very thing we’ve strived to attain. I share my story, in a daringly vulnerable way, in hopes that my successes and mistakes will act as a guide to help you live a life of courage, and ultimately arrive at the place for which you dream."