Courageously Brave

A children's Summertime Adventure book

with Grandma Metta


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About the Book

Weekends at Grandma Metta's lake house are so much fun. There’s so much to see, do, and learn! 

What will you discover? 

Join Josh, Sophie and Caleb on an amazing weekend adventure at Grandma Metta’s lake house. Follow their journey—every step, swim, and splash—as they become brave boys and girls among the beauty of God’s natural world. There’s ice cream and angels, spiders and high-divers, splashing and snuggling, rope swings and ducklings, and so much more. 

What fear will you conquer first? 

With God in her heart, Grandma Metta encourages Josh, Sophie, Caleb and YOU to be courageously brave. Because at Grandma Metta’s house anything, and everything, is possible! 

Let’s go! 

About the Author

Jimetta Mayne is an author, speaker, mentor, and coach. She is happily married to her beloved husband Rod and a proud mother and grandmother to many. She created Adventures with Grandma Metta to help children grow up confident in who they are and how much they are loved. 

Jimetta and Rod love adventure. They live in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, staying cozy with cocoa and blankets in winter and sleeping under starry night skies in summer. When she is not enjoying her grandchildren, Jimetta is helping those around her grow in love, discover their true identity, and find their destiny.