Why Red Arrow?

Here’s an overview of how we are different from every other publishing venue out there:

1. We build a personal relationship with you, the author. This is your story, your dream, your “baby," and if you find that we are a good fit for you, we’ll be on this journey with you, step by step, from start to finish.

2. We guarantee excellence. We will spend the time and energy to ensure that your book is the best possible version of itself. Neither traditional publishing companies nor self-publishing services will really help you guarantee that your book has had enough edits, that the graphics are attractive and sellable, or that every minute detail of your book has been analyzed and approved as excellent. Because Red Arrow offers to walk your book journey with you, we won’t release it until we are both satisfied with its quality.

3. We are passionate about what we do. We are dedicated to the quest of developing fine literature that will inform, entertain, inspire, challenge, and transform its readers. 

4. We want to see authors represented well and reach their full potential. If you were to chat with a Fortune 50 entrepreneur, they would tell you that they “are in the business of making money.” So are we, and you should be as well. However, we don’t let money dictate our decisions. We choose our clients, just as you choose a publishing company that best fits your needs. We invest in authors who have a unique message. Too many books say the same thing. We look for an author who has a unique selling point, and once we’ve decided to go on your book journey with you, we invest our time into you, not just your product.

5.  With Red Arrow, you keep the copyright to your work, and you retain more royalties. On average, an author makes anywhere from 12-18% royalty on the net price of books sold from traditional publishing companies. With Red Arrow you keep up to 80%.  

Red Arrow versus Amazon

Want to know the difference between Red Arrow and self-publishing services like Amazon/CreateSpace? Click on the link below entitled “Price Point Comparison,” which will take you to a graph that illustrates the differentiation between Red Arrow and Amazon's services.

See Price Point Comparison