Tier 3: Design & More

The content of your manuscript is pristine, but now what?

First, you need it to look beautiful inside and out. Our team of designers has successfully created unique and captivating designs for many authors and special events--even the Queen’s Tea Party at Buckingham Palace! Quite often we receive compliments about how “wonderful” a book is before readers have opened its cover. We’ll create a book cover and interior design that match and highlight the theme of your content.

Please visit our Cover Design and Pagination Design pages to see samples of our work. 


We will also guide you through the following steps to prepare your manuscript for publication:

  • Acquiring permissions, if necessary, for any lengthy quotes of published material you may have used in your work.
  • Setting your pricing.
  • Purchasing and registering your ISBN and barcode.
  • Requesting endorsements from influential people in your book’s targeted sphere.

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