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Red Arrow Media is a team of professional writers, editors, graphic designers, and publishers who offer a complete menu of services to authors developing works for print or electronic publication. Unlike traditional publishers, who essentially purchase finished products from authors and retain the copyright and most of the profits, we position ourselves to serve authors who want to own their work. We collaborate artistically in manuscript development, providing everything from ghostwriting to content editing, proofreading, and aesthetically pleasing interior and exterior design.

We also consult on how to build and expand an author's platform, design timely and compelling marketing campaigns, and offer excellent printing and distribution. Finally, we connect our authors with a plethora of other media services, including illustration, website development, publicity campaigns, photography, and video production.

Authors pay up front for these services, and in return they retain the rights to their work and keep their profits. We also offer service packages to authors who desire to self-publish. 


Our mission is to produce and distribute catalytic literature within each of the “seven mountains” of society: business, government, media, arts and entertainment, education, family, and religion.

// VISION //

Red Arrow seeks to be a “speaker in the language of the people,” reaching a wide range of audiences with vital messages that bring fresh understanding and vision to specific aspects of people's social and cultural realities. We develop excellent, innovative texts with language, stories, and ideas that stimulate both the mind and the heart. Our desire is to bring hope, healing, and restoration to people while promoting international social justice and human flourishing.


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