The Publishing Industry TODAY

The publishing world is changing. In the current publishing market, there are two ways to becoming a published author: by securing an agent and following the traditional route, or by self-publishing. When publishing traditionally, authors typically receive excellent service, including editing and publicity promotion. However, they are not often involved in the creation of the final product, they may not own their copyright, and will make between 12 to 18 percent net royalty on book sales. If authors choose to tread the newer route of self-publishing and sell through a vendor such as Amazon, they may make up to 40 percent net royalty. However, they will not have professional help to navigate the rather vast and overwhelming publishing journey, their Work will not meet the standards of excellence necessary to be respected in literary outlets, and they will have limited sales ability and publicity exposure.

Red Arrow Media is a new mode of book publishing that allows authors ownership and creative control, yet maintains the integrity and excellence of traditional publishing. Authors choose from a variety of guided publishing options, from inception of a book idea to ghostwriting, editing, design, printing, sales, national and international distribution, marketing, and publicity. We work with other professionals in the media industry to create excellent, top-selling books. Our books have been featured in Sam'sClub stores nationwide, and in blogs and magazines such as The Huffington Post,, and The 700 Club.


Though we are a small business, we are no less a professional publisher than a large, traditional publishing house. As such, we hire the same sought-after writing, editing, and design talent as larger publishers to craft the best possible books that showcase our authors’ stories, and therefore pay the same price to hire this talent. While hiring experienced professionals for any aspect of a book is costly, our commitment as an organization is to produce books of the highest quality. Red Arrow Media clients are partners in this vision for excellence, receiving both professional services at every stage of publishing, but also the customer care of working with a small company that knows your name.


Red Arrow Media clients make a choice to invest in making their books the very best they can be. This investment ranges depending on the services required for each project, but industry-wide, our costs fall in the median range of any proven, professional publishing house. We understand the great investment and difficult decision involved in publishing a book at this level, but for those who are unable to invest in full publishing services with us, we offer an assisted self-publishing route through our Arrow label, as well as some individual publishing services. And as mentioned above, after paying up-front for services, authors receive a much higher return for sales. Our ultimate goal is to help you own and tell your story.

Red Arrow Author Vs. Arrow Author

Consideration as an Arrow Self-Published Author

Our Arrow publishing department is reserved for self-published authors who have a smaller, specified audience rather than a general, mass market sphere of influence. Arrow author costs usually amount to less than standard Red Arrow authors. However, due to a smaller market, Arrow authors have limited marketing, publicity, and national and international distribution. As with our Red Arrow authors, we walk Arrow authors through each step of the publishing process, and they receive our team’s undivided attention and expertise. Should you have any questions on this process, please email us at

Click the button below for more details on Red Arrow's self-publishing packages. Once you've reviewed this information, should you be interested in moving forward, please apply for a manuscript review or set up a consultation below.

Consideration as a Red Arrow Author

A Red Arrow author provides a fresh, catalytic message within one of the seven mountains of society, specifically: business, government, media, arts and entertainment, education, family, or religion. He or she demonstrates excellence in writing, superior knowledge in the given subject area, and unique market potential.  A Red Arrow author receives our team’s undivided attention and expertise in all spheres of the publishing process, full marketing and publicity, and expanded national and international distribution. We favor authors who have an established platform for reaching their target audience. Should you have any questions on this process, please email us at

Please note: Pricing varies as proposals are catered to each author's unique needs.

Follow the consultation and/or manuscript submission steps below for consideration as a Red Arrow author.

How to Get Started


1-Hour Session / Fee: $250

Our present-day book market is over-saturated. Your manuscript must set itself apart from a plethora of others. Regardless of whether or not you are merely in the idea stage or have a finished manuscript, we offer professional feedback and advice regarding your content, unique selling point, and market potential.

We would like you to receive as much advice as possible within this one-hour window, so we ask that you come prepared with your ideas, notes, or a sample chapter. Our team will sit with you and discuss your publishing potential, explain our start-to-finish processes, and determine your best options moving forward. 

Should you have any questions on this process, please email us at info@redarrowmedia.com2

Manuscript Submissions



Please download and fill out our PDF Manuscript Submission Form and email it to along with the processing fee (you may pay online by clicking the "Purchase a Manuscript Submission" button below). 


After reviewing your Manuscript Submission Form and sample chapter, we will notify you by phone or email if we are interested in performing a full review of your manuscript for further consideration. Provided that you are offered this opportunity, we will read your manuscript (up to 50,000 words or 200 pages) and write a detailed report (3-6 pages) evaluating its strengths and weaknesses, recommended rewriting, editing, and potential publishing options. Should you have any questions on this process, please email us at

*Please note: The Full Manuscript Review is formal review of your work and does not include rewriting or editing. Neither do we guarantee that all clients who submit manuscripts will be considered as potential Red Arrow or Arrow self-published authors.


If you have written a manuscript that needs significant development in order to prepare it to be considered for publication, we are happy to perform an Advanced Content Development Review for you. We will read your entire manuscript and offer detailed comments with our editorial recommendations throughout the document. We will also write a report (6-8 pages) summarizing these comments, evaluating the manuscript's strengths and weaknesses, recommended editing levels, and potential publishing options. 

*Please note: The Advanced Content Development Review is formal review of your work and does not include rewriting or editing. Neither do we guarantee that all clients who submit manuscripts will be considered as potential Red Arrow or Arrow self-published authors.