2014: A Year in Review

In 2014, some of the popular voices of the book world urged us to Thrive, remain Unbroken, and to "diverge" from the norm (think Divergent series).  We took these powerful messages to heart.

Our year was filled with transition and challenges as we continued to diverge from the publishing norm, and yet ultimately, it was a year of growth and joy. We transitioned from coffee shop meetings to a quaint brick-style office in our city's artistic epicenter. Soon after, we hired new talent that exemplifies Red Arrow's dedication to literary excellence and expanded our creative capacity. We traveled from the bustling city streets of London to the picturesque, snow-peaked mountains of Jackson Hole, WY, making new publishing acquaintances that launched some of our favorite moments of 2014. We dove headlong into the minute details of our client's longtime writing dreams (we literally laughed, cried, and prayed with them through their year of personal struggles and triumphs).  We couldn't be more thankful for every individual that crossed our path and brightened our lives this year. It has been our pleasure to be a small part of your story.

In no particular order, here are a few of our favorite happenings and successes of 2014:

1. Hiring Jennifer Westbrook, our brilliant Senior Editor extraordinare.

2. Starting and finishing client Michael Pruett's book The Hard Road (to be released in April 2015).


3. Meeting our publishing advisors and affiliates, Karen Campbell and Joe Questell in-person at the RA office!

4. Witnessing our dear friend Carrie Lloyd complete her FIRST novel, The Virgin Monologues, to be released in the UK this January (click here to read our November interview with Carrie).

5. Publishing our FIRST children's book, What If?: Adventures with Grandma Metta by the adventurous, loving, and effervescent Jimetta Mayne.

6. Self-publishing celebrated Doctor of Chiropractic, Danielle Finden, in her first instructional manual, A Guide to Alternative Chiropractic Technique.

7. Moving into a beautiful brick-style office in the center of our city's downtown area.

8. Helping client Danny Silk achieve "top-seller" status on Keep Your Love On! and distributing his book in 17 countries worldwide.

9. Meeting and working with even more incredible graphic designers from London!

10. Watching our first book trailer for our client Michael Pruett's The Hard Road (produced by KGB Productions).

11. Sharing our passion for literature and publishing expertise with countless writers through: ConsultationsManuscript ReviewsGhostwriting and EditingGraphic Design, and Marketing. You make our dream possible!

Thank you all for a brilliant year! What stories will unfold in 2015?