The publishing world is changing. There are two principle routes to become published: traditional versus self-publishing. With traditional publishing, authors typically receive excellent service, including editing and publicity promotion. However, they are not often involved in the creation of the final product, they do not own their copyright, and they will usually only make between 12-18% net royalty from book sales.

If authors choose to tread the newer route of self-publishing, they may make up to 100% net royalty, or if they choose to sell through a vendor such as Amazon, they may make up to 40% net royalty. However, they will not have professional aid to navigate the rather vast and overwhelming publishing journey. Neither are they guaranteed their work will meet the standards of excellence necessary to be successful or that it will garner proper publicity exposure.

Red Arrow Media is a new mode of book publishing that allows authors ownership and creative control, yet maintains the integrity and excellence of traditional publishing. Authors can choose from a variety of guided publishing options, from inception of a book idea all the way through national and international distribution, marketing, and publicity. We work with other professionals in the media industry to create excellent, top-selling books. We are a relatively new company, yet our books have already been featured in the Huffington Post, Ministry Today, and Sams Club.

Choose From Two Publishing Routes

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This route offers authors the same coveted publishing services, distribution, promotional opportunities, and industry recognition as the traditional "big wig" publishers. Writers interested in becoming Red Arrow Media authors are investing in masterfully-crafted literature that's honed and developed by coveted writing professionals at every stage. 

Arrow Self-Publishing

This publishing route was created as a solution for writers who want cost-effective and efficient publishing, but don't want to sacrifice the expertise of writing professionals. Arrow Self-Publishing is the perfect bridge between the often confusing, impersonal, and undirected journey of self-publishing, and the unreachable corporate confines of traditional publishing. Get professional guidance as you self-publish, but keep the creative control.