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Raised in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Jimetta Mayne  has always held a deep love for the outdoors and adventure. Her father was a pilot and her mother was always packing the camper or the airplane to take off and explore. In 1976, she married another adventurer, Rod, and they had four children.  Jimetta enjoyed crafting stories and taking the kids on adventures in their imaginations, a large inspiration to her interactive style of writing in What If?.

 After the children left home, Jimetta channeled her energy into encouraging and coaching other mothers and parents. Today, Jimetta and Rod continue to reside in the beautiful Sierra Nevadas and are the proud grandparents of four grandchildren.

 Jimetta laughs when people ask who she is.  “I’m me,” she says.  “I often show up as a wife, a teacher, a coach, a mom, a daughter, a grandma, a storyteller, a medic, an author, a speaker….but all in all, I just love being me.” Jimetta began writing What If?, the first of seven books in the Adventures with Grandma Metta series as a legacy for her own family and to empower children everywhere.

About Courageously Brave (New Adventure with Grandma Metta)*

Coming June 20, 2017

Join Josh, Sophie, and Caleb on a weekend adventure at Grandma Metta’s lake house. Follow along their journey—every step, swim, and splash—as they build lasting family memories and bravely conquer fears among the beauty of God’s natural world. Set in the author's hometown of the gorgeous Sierra Nevadas, as they explore, Grandma Metta teaches her grandchildren (and her young readers) how to make seemingly small but brave decisions with God, impacting the way they will approach life.

In counter-cultural fashion, this summertime tale celebrates the power of learning and growing together as a family, and the joy of encountering God in His creation. Let’s go!

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ABOUT Adventures with Grandma Metta: What If?

Published: 2014

In What If? of the Adventures with Grandma Metta series, Grandma Metta invites children on an interactive journey deep into the Friendly Woods, to help parents and teachers coach their kids in imaginative thinking and decision-making skills. Along the journey, Metta asks kids thought-provoking "What if?" questions, like "What if we can't find a picnic basket?" and "What if we make a really big mess?"

This educational tale meets Common Core reading standards for Grades 2-5, making it the perfect read for a classroom, homeschool, or to be shared as a family. The inviting storyline will encourage kids to approach life as problem-solvers and inquisitive thinkers, developing them into tomorrow’s leaders. Children are left encouraged to dream, solve everyday problems, live fearlessly, think optimistically, and make good choices. Come learn from the sweet grandmother in the cozy cabin who’s ready for whatever adventure the day brings!