About daniel

Dan Sandler is a husband, father of nine, grandfather of seven, and veteran pastor of twenty-four years. One of his biggest passions in life is to help followers of Jesus fall in love with the Bible and to empower them to observe the text of Scripture, follow the story the biblical authors are telling, and decide for themselves which direction the Bible points.

He and his wife Karen have made it their life’s work to expose people to the love of God in real, tangible ways, from becoming foster parents to opening their home to troubled teens, single mothers, and those in need of support. Daniel and Karen live with their family in Montana.

About The Greatest story never told

For most of us, “Faith” means knowing answers to important questions and agreeing with accepted beliefs within the Church. But this is not faith. It is knowing. Faith is who we are and what we choose to believe when we do not know. Comprised of layers of thought, rather than specific individual ideas, The Greatest Story Never Told invites students of the Bible to lay down what they think they know about God’s Word and begin an adventure into the unknown by reading, observing, and looking at what might be—as Jesus instructed—to become like children again.

Taking this posture toward God’s Word, Daniel Sandler gives specific tools on how to read (and reread) the Bible through the lens of shifting cultural values, language characteristics, elements of story, patterns of thought, and driving national narratives of the biblical authors. Christ-followers will better understand the unfolding revelation God offers, lending clarity and bringing us to intellectually honest theological positions.