About Carrie

Carrie Lloyd is a professional writer, life coach, and pastor. She has written pieces about relationships in the 21st century for GraziaCompany Magazine, Huffington Post,, The Debrief, City MagazineChristianity MagazineMagnify, Alpha LifeDaily Mail and Local Living Magazine.

Interviews with her discussing faith and boys have been featured on television and radio, like Amanda De Cadenet’s ‘The’, Glamour, and the 700 ClubShe has also spoken about sex, love, and communication in schools and churches throughout the UK and worldwide.

She is founder of the popular British Christian dating blog, Her Glass Slipper, author of The Virgin Monologues (Authentic Media, released January 2015), and recently published her second book, Prude: Misconceptions of a Neo-Virgin with Red Arrow Media in February 2016.

Originally from London, Carrie currently resides in Redding, California, where she has completed ministry training and works on pastoral staff at Bethel Church.

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About Prude: Misconceptions of a Neo-Virgin


In the dating game these days, the V-word has become as strange and complicated as the L-word, and purity as outdated as pay phones. How exactly is a Christian girl supposed to handle herself these days? How can she create healthy boundaries without scaring off every available guy? Is purity even possible without being puritanical? In this candid, humorous account of the true-life trials of Christian dating, Carrie Lloyd shares the wisdom she ’s gleaned in her quest for love in a modern world. She guides with grace and honesty through the often hush-hush topics of sex, porn, shame, female competition, misconceptions about purity, and those dreaded “waiting till marriage” conversations.

Meet Carrie Lloyd.