About Bob

Bob has made “Jesus to the World” his life message during 30 years of ministry experience, consistently generating a response of overwhelming freedom and an excitement to evangelize and train up disciples. He is able to communicate in a way that is revelatory and yet practical for everyone who listens.

Bob and Kimberly believe that the root of global injustice can be linked back to the prevalence of biological and spiritual orphans. Together with their team and network of partners, they are fighting for a world with no more orphans by teaching the body of Christ to achieve their God-inspired goals through understanding the Father’s love and the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit. Through equipping the individual to become who they were created to be, they believe the body as a whole will rise up into its destiny and embrace its identity as the Father’s beloved family.

Bob and Kimberly currently live in Redding, California and passionately pursue the Father’s heart as a part of Bethel Church Bob and Kimberly have five children. They also have a passion for adoption and recently welcomed the newest addition to the family, 

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About Love Stains

The definition of an evangelist is “one who brings good news.” That’s pretty uncomplicated—which is how Bob likes to keep it. Let’s be real: Most of us have heard an evangelist bring a condemning message to the Church instead of one that is empowering. The purpose of this book is to show a different picture of evangelism altogether.

That’s right. No tracts. No door-to-door. Evangelism is not about closing a sale—it’s about loving people.

Imagine God using us just the way we are to touch people in everyday life…What would that look like?

 A simple smile, a gentle word of encouragement, a prophetic statement, a gift given in due season, the courage to hold the heartbroken, the ability to love the unlovable, heal the sick, and deliver the oppressed—all because of Jesus in us. Love is messy. Jesus’ love was messy. His garments were stained when blood poured from his side as His love was displayed on that unforgettable day. But in the midst of that mess, love left a mark. Love stains are imprinted on people’s hearts forever.